Da Chozen “Up all Night” EP – Cassette Tape with Bonus 4 Tracks


Da Chozen “Up all Night” EP

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Da Chozen Up all Night
Cassette tape with bonus 4 tracks

1 Stikumm 4:19
2 The Funk Is On 4:33
3 It Gets Better 4:09
4 Say What 4:33
5 It Gets Better (Remix) 4:25
6 Many Styles 3:26

7 Who’s Boss 4:19
8 It’s Like That 3:23
9 Skip to my loop 3:18
10 It Gets Better (Original Version)

Written By – I. Dunn

Bonus Tracks: Added to the EP are some of the earliest recordings
from 1989 to 1993. “Who’s The Boss”, “It’s Like That” (from the forth-
coming Rhythm Shack All-Stars EP) & “Skip To The Loop” Recorded
& Produced by Tkae of the group Mental Castawayz
“It Gets Better ” original Produced by Calvin “Trouble” Jones
All tracks have been remastered by Calvin “Trouble” Jones from
original tapes.

Hailing from Paterson “Silk City” NJ comes a rap group
which can be considered true school in its purest form.
Da Chozen, which consist of Eshawn, T-Smooth, Big Bunk,
B-Hop, Shortcutt (R.I.P), and Dj Tab DiBiassi all born and
raised in Silk City grew up during the golden era of Hip hop.
They were students of the culture, which shows in their
musical selections. Their songs, which are heavily sample
driven,consist of a mixture of jazz, blues, rock, soul, and funk.
When tragedy struck the group in 1993 with the sudden pass
-ing of group member Shortcutt, the group took a major dive.
The group members were all childhood friends and with
Shortcutt being considered the heart of the group his untimely
passing sent them into a depressed state and had them
contemplating not continuing making music. However knowing
that Shortcutt would have not wanted any thing to stop their
progress the group continued to do what they loved most.
Up All Night is an EP that was made to get people doing what
Hip Hop was meant to get them doing “Dance”! The songs are
soulful and very bass driven which was the trend at the time of
their production. The Ep uses some recognizable samples as well
as those, which are not so recognizable, which would give any good
beat digger a run for his money. Group member Eshawn who also
co produced the Ep, with DJ M.A.